Positive Vibes: Living Zen

Happy Thursday, my ladies and gents! Thursday is such a positive day of the week, right?! I mean Friday is drawing near, if you're me, it's pay day(Yaaasss!), and you're already making plans for the weekend. But if you suffer from Anxiety, you might be thinking, "Oh my gosh, we only get two days." It takes time to break the cycle of living for the weekend and being terrified of Monday. We are BLESSED to have each day, to do what we love, to be able to pursue our dreams - so why do we feel dread? It could be a lot of things - people you work with, tests you are about to take, a major life change. It's hard, I know. But think of this, what rain comes from today's issues, will be tomorrow's sunshine. I read somewhere that Beyonce gives herself one day to be sad, and then bounces back the next day. I think that's a great rule of thumb, be sad, be mad, cry and then the next next day GO KICK BUTT! Being Zen is not sitting in a tree and getting your Yoda on, it's accepting the moment, appreciating the lesson, and moving forward with love and light. I challenge you this week to find Zen in your good and bad moments, and keep moving forward.



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