Baby things to sew...

I'm obsessed guys with indie pattern makers Brindle and Twig. I mean I've downloaded around 8 patterns and counting. The reason I enjoy them so much...they are so easy. Terribly easy. And, a quick sew - the Harem Pants pattern took me a total of 15 minutes - with the occasional stop to check in on Dylan. With Dylan growing so quickly and going through clothes left and right - it's nice to have these patterns in all sizes to make more clothes to throw into his wardrobe. With one yard of fabric, I can get 3-4 pieces out of it at for the 3-6 month size. Talk about a cost saver, 3-6 different articles of clothing for a $17 yard of fabric - WOWZA!

So I thought I would review a few patterns for you from the brand here over the next few weeks. First up, the Harem Pants - no cuff. I found This pattern to be a breeze, and this is coming from someone who has used a commercial pattern to sew a similar item and struggled. The cut is quick and simple - just three pieces - the back, front and waist band.

I needed to make no alterations for my little one. And the assembly, even easier. The pattern recommends a serger, but I used my overcasting foot on my sewing machine. You simply serge/sew the front to the back. Next, serge/sew the waistband together, fold it in half right side up, then place it inside the pant where the right sides are together. Sew it together, turn the pants inside out and voila. Hem the bottom of the pant and you're done. 

You'll want to use some nice stretchy knits for this, and the softer - the better.  I also trace patterns, so I don't cut them - so that means I can go back and whip these out at every size for Dylan. Love it! 

Have you tried any great indie baby patterns recently? If you have, share. I'd love to try them out. 


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